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About us

Vot-e was established in 2012

YOU ARE YOUR CHOICES! A fun and addictive straight forward concept: This or that... What do you choose? The more you answer the more you will learn about yourself.

This is not a new idea, Vot-e is based on the way our mind works as we face the different choices in life. At Vot-e we try to compile a list of questions categorized into different aspects of life. Our questions are also tagged with certain trait signals which determine your individuality and uniqueness. Are you a coffee or a tea person, do u prefer to listen than talk? are you a mac or a windows fan?

After you vote you will be able to know what other people from around the world voted for.

Vot-e uses facebook authentication to authenticate users into our system and give them access to vote and view the global results.
A world map will show the number of votes from each country.